Downsizing – Happiness doesn’t have just one address


There can be many mixed emotions when it comes to downsizing and moving on. Your home is imbued with life long memories and milestones you may feel like you’re saying goodbye to, making your move feel emotionally quite challenging.

Getting Outside and Exploring Scotland

We live in a truly beautiful country! Scotland has it all: epic mountains, massive lochs, golden beaches, and winding rivers. With so much choice, we can all be guilty of putting it off for another time, or getting tied up with daily life and forgetting it’s there at all!

Destiny Partnership Go Above And Beyond

Every year, the UK discards an estimated 2 million tonnes of waste electrical equipment. This puts us as one of the world’s worst polluters, which isn’t a great place to be, seeing as it can have a devastating impact on marine life.

Helping the past move into the future

Recently, we worked with relatives who had suffered a bereavement in the family and required assistance and support with their possessions. When you’ve lost a loved one, it can be a daunting and distressing process so we can guide you through this difficult time with empathy and quiet encouragement.

Rediscovering my spare room

cleanslate uk - cluttered room

Today was the first time in 40 years that I opened the door to my spare room and it was an experience I didn’t think was possible.

Why my love for a storage solutions is so strong!

Storage solutions can go two ways: forgotten about and deemed not important or you buy various kinds in the hope they will fit. Storage is a recent trend and I believe it is the key to being able to manage your space whether it is in your home or your workplace.

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