3 weeks to declutter and move a family from one house to the next…

Decluttering for a house move

Talk about a whirlwind move! My client of several years thought she was being organised when booking me to declutter before Christmas but her house had ideas of its own, a house sale and move within just 3 weeks!

Don’t get me wrong, my client had a little bit of a head start, we had already decluttered and had the pictures taken in 2022 to get the house market ready, but with a slow turnaround the family thought they would be spending a final Christmas in their home of 15 years but their house was snapped up in a flash and it was time to get packing.

On the day I arrived to help them get started the house was already going to a closing! With a 3-week turnaround, a family of five and a busy life then the to do lists started!!

The new house was not ready so my client went on the hunt for a temporary home for her family while I came up with an action plan as to how we were going to achieve this along with my other bookings.

We made it work by being incredibly organised and planning; we were on a mission to make sure we decluttered every room before we started packing. We did it! 

The removal company came to pack up the bigger items and take away the packed boxes to the new property. Most of the furniture went to be stored so it was all go! Luckily the new rented property had great storage so it was a delight to unpack.

Maybe soon we will be packing and unpacking more boxes as the family move from their temporary rental home to their forever home, but it will be really interesting to see if all their boxed-up belongings make the journey with them again. It is always interesting to see how client’s mind-sets can change after decluttering with me, as people begin to enjoy their spaces, live in them for a while and discover what truly makes their house a home, and typically we find that less is actually more.

A very big thank you and shout out to my amazing clients for choosing to share their house move journey with me, find out more about my decluttering, packing and moving assistance services here.

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