What is a Professional Organiser?

As skilled individuals we work directly with clients to enhance their lives by providing practical decluttering assistance and creating order where it is lacking. We demonstrate organising techniques and provide simple strategies and tips to promote long term positive changes in a client’s home, creating a calm environment in which to live. Clean Slate offers the encouragement, focus and direction needed to find the perfect starting point in order to reorganise the space in your home.

What are the benefits of having you in my home?

A feeling of disorder may be a temporary situation due to your latest project or life event, or possibly a more permanent concern. Whatever position you may be in, the process of getting organised can be positively life changing. Clients feel that we make a big difference to them in a multitude of ways.

The often difficult task of decluttering and organising after a separation, divorce or loss of a loved one becomes so much more manageable with our help. In many instances clients are dealing with a whole range of emotions. Having guidance – even if it is simply finding a good home for something in order to let go – provides focus and room to move forward.

Decluttering has a domino effect on better living. When things are more readily available and have a specific organised place, this leads to healthier habits within your life.

Do I need to be there?

It is important to declutter together as although we are here to encourage and support you, only you know which items hold value to you and which are no longer needed. We will never insist on any of your belongings being given away or discarded but will provide an honest, objective opinion in order to guide you through the decision making when needed. 

We are happy to organise your belongings independently, however in order to demonstrate the organising techniques and simple strategies we’ll put in place to encourage positive changes in your home, we will need to spend some time together to achieve this.

How long do we need?

Every client and home is different. The process depends on several factors including the size of the areas you’d like to approach, the volume of belongings you have to sort through and reorganise and the pace at which you are able to make decisions. With our encouragement and motivation, we’ll work together to move forward and simplify your home far more quickly than you would alone.

How do I book? 

Just fill in our contact us form and we will phone you back.  Alternatively, just give us a call on 07732 264652 and we will be happy to have a preliminary chat with you.

How does it work?

We follow 3 steps when working with you: 

1. FREE no obligation consultation. We visit you onsite (your home or business premises, wherever you need work done) to assess the scale and scope of the project and discuss your requirements. This process normally lasting around 30minutes. Alternatively, an online  or phone consultation can be arranged. 

2. After the consultation, we will provide you with estimated time frame and costs. We work on a per hour rate as we work at the client’s pace so this can vary.

3. Once the plan is discussed and finalised with you, we will agree on dates and times of each work session for the whole project. 

Where do I start?

The most important thing is making the decision to start!  It is best to tackle one room at a time.  The positive energy of having a clear space in your home is often all you will need to have a constructive impact and get going on the rest.

Will I need to get storage items, or do you supply them? 

We supply bags used for decluttering purpose, which means those bags will only contain the stuff you get rid of. For storing and organising of your remaining items, we aim to use as much of your existing storage possible. Where existing storage, organising supply is insufficient, we can recommend and source storage options and organising supply (i.e. labels) for you.

Where would you put things while we sort them, and what do you do with the things I get rid of?

We try not to interrupt your everyday life as much as possible, therefore we normally work on a room by room basis, which means the stuff we get rid of will stay in that room only. Any room/area that is a work in progress, will be clearly segregated and marked. The stuff you get rid of will be taken to charity and recycling centres depending on the status of the item and your wish. 

Will I be forced to get rid of things?

We’ll never force you to get rid of things. We use a method following steps, asking key questions, and making you feel positive and liberated in the decluttering process. We will work with you to ensure what is best for you.

If it is proving a problem though, we may suggest boxing things and putting them in the garage.  After a couple of months most clients find that they haven’t needed the items and are so pleased with the results that they don’t want to re-introduce the clutter.

What areas do you cover?

Predominantly Aberdeen/Inverness and surrounding areas but can travel further afield. I’m based in AB25 (Aberdeen) and don’t charge travel fees for clients based up to 10 miles driving. Please see Fees page for more info on additional charges.

Beyond these areas we would need to discuss relevant accommodation costs.

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