Getting Outside and Exploring Scotland

We live in a truly beautiful country! Scotland has it all: epic mountains, massive lochs, golden beaches, and winding rivers. With so much choice, we can all be guilty of putting it off for another time, or getting tied up with daily life and forgetting it’s there at all!

If you would like to get out and explore Scotland,

Walk Highlands is a website dedicated to Scotland’s best walks. The site is totally free and gives you a list of walking routes in your selected region which are differentiated by difficulty, length and user rating.

Whether you’re wanting a short 1 hour loop or a full day excursion, there is something for you. The site is also a great way to get into hill walking which is great for your overall health. The NHS states that making use of outdoor places can guard against health issues such as depression and heart disease, it also connects us to nature and can inspire us in our daily lives.

If that wasn’t enough, climbing a mountain engages muscle groups in both your upper and lower body which helps tone those muscles and lose that winter stomach!                                                     

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

When you’re done, treat yourself to a coffee and cake at one of Aberdeen’s brilliant cafés. There’s nothing better than sitting down in a warm, cosy café after a day out in the wild. You’ll find you forget about all your worries – a real stress reliever!

You can access the Walk Highlands website here:

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