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One of my favourite things about the work we do at Clean Slate is being able to make a difference and meet amazing people. Recently, we worked with relatives who had suffered a bereavement in the family and required assistance and support with their possessions. When you’ve lost a loved one, it can be a daunting and distressing process so we can guide you through this difficult time with empathy and quiet encouragement.

The family member involved left us a lovely review:

“We cannot praise Clean Slate highly enough for the way in which they helped us to deal with the contents of a house that needed to be sorted due to bereavement. We were so relieved when we first came across the business as the services offered were exactly what we had been hoping to find but did not think would exist. From the outset, Debbie approached our situation with immense empathy, understanding and positivity and was not at all daunted by the scale of what the task involved. Clean Slate’s sorting out of the house surpassed all our expectations and we will be forever indebted to them for the help, support and advice given to us at a hugely difficult and stressful time.

Every job we work on is unique to the family, from remote involvement to working with you at your own pace.

“What makes it all the more remarkable is that we live hundreds of miles away and could not travel to the house, so Clean Slate did this all for us remotely. Although this sounds almost impossible, we always felt that we were working together on it as Debbie maintained contact throughout the process in the manner which suited us best. So, by the use of regular phone calls, emails and digital photos the whole thing could not have worked better even if we had been there.”

Debbie - cleanslate UK
Debbie on the job organising books

Something we are very passionate about is rehoming pre-loved items. It was a privilege to be able to donate a house full of amazing items to people in need all over Aberdeen.

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