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Why my love for a storage solutions is so strong!

Storage solutions can go two ways...

Storage solutions can go two ways: forgotten about and deemed not important or you buy various kinds in the hope they will fit. Storage is a recent trend and I believe it is the key to being able to manage your space whether it is in your home or your workplace.

Gone are the days of using storage as a way of concealing all the clutter we keep. The first step is always to declutter first and then we can consider effective storage solutions that will suit the space and your lifestyle. You can have all the fancy boxes in the world but if it is too hard to manage then it really doesn’t bring many benefits.

Benefits of effective storage solutions:

🌟 Time saving – the less time spent searching for missing items means tidying up is a lot quicker. It can give time back for more important things that you have a passion for or to simply put your feet up and relax.

🌟 Space – everything should have a place in your home to make life easier to find things! If your space is clutter-free, you can use that space for things that bring you happiness. This could be a nice smelling candle on a clear unit to letting the kids have a disco in the living room without standing on Lego! Β 

🌟 Cost – storage is an investment for any area but there has never been a better time as there are so many options available to meet any budget.

How to choose the right storage solutions?

You have now decluttered and it’s time to look at storage options so you can get organised. The market has so many different types of storage, but you need to choose what will work best for you and your space.

🌟 Measure your space – it is so easy to get carried away and buy beautiful storage that you love but you must utilise that space so take your measurements first and then look at your options that will work best.

🌟 Consider the purpose – try and think about your items and where the best place would be for them. If it is something you need to see at a glance, maybe a clear box would work best. Make sure items you are using regularly are accessible as storage needs to be beneficial to you and your routine.

🌟 Store like with like – keep everything stored in categories for example DIY, stationary, spices and herbs as it just makes things easier to find!

🌟 Label – I highly recommend doing my favourite task which is to label all your storage so that everyone knows where items belong.

The key to an organised home is team work so encourage whoever lives in the home to get involved as when you have labelled storage then there really are limited excuses!

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